Treatment #7

5 mins early.

What’s your name?



( Don’t say good job. Don’t say good job)


10mins after my scheduled appointment:

Marsha, we are waiting for BLANK to get back from lunch, then you’re next.

15mins after my scheduled appointment:

Marsha? Right this way. You can sit in here.


Am I pronouncing it correctly?


I was being weird. She was trying to be kind and welcoming.

Another 10 minutes.

Zap. Zap. And out.

Before I reached the door, the receptionist apologized for the long wait and offered another free session. Wait. Really?

I accepted. She booked it with me and we confirmed. I thanked her for her kindness.

Mind you. I still have one more. #8. So now I get a grand total of 9!

Two more treatments to go…


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