Treatment #4

Arrived. Right. On. Time.
Hello Marsha!
Hello New Person who will be ALL UP in there. Nice to meet you.

I’m always impressed with good bed side manner. My theory is that it takes the same amount of energy to be kind or mean. And they choose to be kind. They choose to take the extra steps to express empathy and encouragement.

New gal was very friendly. Greeted me with a big smile. Asked the normal questions: new medications, antibiotics, pregnancy? All nope!

So we begin. You’re halfway there. How is it going?

Meh. Okay, I guess. We small talk about it. She reveals they increase the intensity of the laser every other treatment.

New gal says it can get spicy with coarser hairs. She means 80 of me. Ah, geez.

Spicy. Burning. Yep. I like her word choice. And it does.
Let’s just say my colonial ancestors have strong-hairy genes.

I looked down at the end. I was red. She was sweet enough to give me a bit of hydro-cordi-what before I left.

It’s true what they say. Once a lunar cycle– you’re more sensitive to the laser treatment.

Lesson Learned: reschedule. They give you that 6-8 weeks. Use it.


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