Treatment #3

Oops. Forgot to reflect. Forgot to post.

I was early. 12:24pm for my 12:45pm appointment. 12:40, We will see you next. Cool. You all better see me in a timely manner. 12:46pm I’m in the room. I strip quickly. I’m ready!

Progress? Does there feel like any at this point? Not really. She cranked it up. I smell the burning now. Burning hair doesn’t smell pleasant. It smells like satisfaction.

This technician is the kindest person. Always making sure I feel comfortable. Keeping conversation. Or not keeping conversation. She does a great job of reading body language. Reading my pain. Trying to hid my pain. She sees it. She is encouraging. In my personal progress. I’m sure, if I told her about my goals and aspirations she would cheer me on there too. She’s the ideal person at your side. At all times.

Which is probably why it’s taken me so long to post. She’s a caring person. She’s a person. Not an experience.

It feels like a new relationship that I want to keep private. It’s new and fragile. She’s the constant in my hair-loss journey. I can easy exploit myself and the system. But she isn’t the system.

I wanted to be able to speak critically about the facts and my experience. Now it’s evolved enough for me to see– that once again, people run companies. Companies are made up of people. And sometimes, the people you interact with are awesome.


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