Discouraged. Re-couraged. 

I knew this one girl in high school. She was a year younger. I admired her for being a good student and athlete. 

She was always calm and collected. She was always kind. I don’t think I ever saw her upset. Wait. Probably annoyed with Dupree. 

A week ago: She recently posted on fb about supporting Trump. 

I WAS HORRIFIED. It was a video of someone explaining he isn’t doing TOO BAD of a job. Better than expected. And hey, he doesn’t always say the right thing. And at the end of the video, he asked for donations. 

I wanted to respond. But again, I didn’t want to get into it on fb. I didn’t want to dive deeper into her mind. White women voted for Trump. Half did. 

Since then, we witnessed white supremacy in Virginia. I wonder if she thinks her post holds true. Probably not. 

It’s too late to denounce nazis. Too little too late. 

Yet, I don’t care if she thinks her post holds true. Fuck her. Fuck her ignorance. Fuck her false logic. Fuck her. 

The last two days have been discouraging. In the news. In work. There are people who choose to not give their best everyday. To not try to help others. To take out their frustrations on you. 

There are nazis groups. They are alive and well. 

I’ve responded with not taking opportunities to working out. With turning off the alarm and rolling over. Two days of lost training. But I will not punish myself. I’ll do better tomorrow. 

Tomorrow, I’ll rise. I’ll sweat. And I’ll be back on track. For success. For me. 

Half of the white women who voted, voted for Trump. After this weekend, will white women protest for Black Lives? What will it take?


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