White Man City

M: Are we sitting on purpose?

Me: Yep

The national anthem begins. 

The white man in front of us makes sure to check his surrounding. He looks back towards us. 

Stand up he says. 

We stare ahead.

Stand up he says. 

M: YOU can stand all you want. 

So disrespectful he says. 

Now we keep staring at him. My blood boiling. My silence feels uncomfortable. My anger feels familiar. My stare keeps him from my eye contact– he stares at M. 

Because M had more authority in our partnership? Because the man is the head of the relationship? Because it’s true, my glare could kill? 

He spent half the song distracted from the performance. He was paying attention to us. I was trying to pay attention to JOJO. Who was truly disrespectful?

When the game started, EVERYONE sat down. This guy takes his time. 

Again, who was truly disrespectful? 

How about respecting immigrants? How about seeing them as humans? How about respecting black lives? How about justice for the lives lost? How about respecting transgender patriots? How about valuing their service in the military?

So, I sit. You can keep standing. 


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