Ware-wolf Girl. That’s what he called me in the 4th grade. Bully. Sure. I probably said some mean things to him too. I hope I did.

When I saw him again in the 8th, he was a part of this chain-gang of kids with disciplinary issues. They kept them all away from the student body. The student body I was President of– I was suppose to be attending something. I’m sure. But instead, I was sitting with another student on a bench in plain sight. Did it count as ditching?

My legs are shaved now! Look! I yelled at him. Their prison guard line leader didn’t know how to respond. The group kept walking with their hands behind their backs.

You might be imagining I got sweet revenge. My words were said with the vengeance of a thousand gods. Nah. I was smiling. I was laughing. I made him laugh. I hopefully brought joy to their miserable lives of being misunderstood. For not being able to function in a classroom. For just being.

Even then, I knew it wasn’t right. He didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. None of them did. They needed someone to listen.

He called me a name that cut me deeply. It does get a laugh when I share it with others.

So. I made an appointment for a consultation and discovered: what they sell doesn’t exist. 100% hair free isn’t possible. There are no guarantees.

Genetics. Ethnicity. Hormones, etc. All factors. Sure. But before you can speak about pricing options, you’ll e-sign away your rights.

Acknowledging 100% doesn’t exist in laser hair removal. Pre-care and After-care treatment will determine results. The list was LONG.

Most uncomfortable moment: Getting through the front door. The front desk is too big for the space. The front desk doesn’t match the rest of the decor. It’s awkward to enter when there is a person standing/sitting at the front desk.


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