Little Campy. 

On my flight back from Seattle. I met a dick in a suit. Never got his name. But I got a bruise. 
The flight was full and the flight attendants warned us, if your bag doesn’t fit you’ll have to check it in. We all felt the tension as the plane filled with people and carry ons. My bag was in the overhead compartment. I was seated. I was good. But I wasn’t. 

This dick moved my little camping pack to make room for his sparkly plastic carry on. He moved it from the right side of the plane to the left and he left it hanging out of the overhead compartment. In clear jeopardy of being checked-in. Lost to the gates of hell; baggage claim. I had brought one bag. Little Campy. I don’t own a purse. However, my make up pouch slipped out from the side pocket of Little Campy. And he didn’t pick it up from the floor. Nope. His bag was good so he sat his ass down. Luckily, the guy next to me let me get up from my window seat to pick up the pouch and desperately try to make my bag fit. I whispered gently to myself, this isn’t fair. 

Someone else noticed me struggling. My new friend helped me make room for it, in its new spot. He even offer to take down his girlfriends backpack to make room for me. I politely declined the offer. And together we used all our strength to close the overhead compartment. 
I’m not about to start a fight on a plane. But, it was my first encounter with someone who was openly willing to fuck over a stranger. Because my bag is shape differently, it’s treated as less?

Unimportant baggage because it’s not shaped like the rest of the carry on luggage? Fabric vs Plastic? A new gang war I’ve never heard of?

It was a few minutes, but I had an entire internal conversation with myself. I won’t reflection his actions. I’m not displacing someone else. I’ll figure out how to make this work. He probably voted for Trump. Don’t let him get to you. They go low. We go high. 

Later on during the flight, I used the restroom. On my way back I felt a sharp pain in my right quad. As I turn to say sorry/acknowledge the human contact: I realized it was the dick in the suit. He had been stretching and perfectly elbowed me. Of course it was him. I turned, smiled to myself, and got to my seat. 

When it was time to get off the plane, the same guy helped me with my bag. I got you, he said. So, when I later found him on the way to the main terminal for exiting, I started a simple conversation. Turns out him and his gf were visiting for a few days. And when I couldn’t help them navigate how to use Uber to get out of the airport, I invited along to our apartment for them to save a little money on their ride to KTOWN. From losing faith in humanity, I decided to respond with kindness. Not exactly kindness for the dick in a suit. But kindness nonetheless. Matt and I made friends, we answered questions about El Lay, and we sent them off safely to enjoy our favorite city. 


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