A bite and a bite in Seattle:


Half a cup of water. Half a bag of pretzels. 

How does the antsy guy act on a bus versus a plane? Is it with pacing too? Constant eye contact with others? Why is this skinny guy not comfortable with staying seated? Not enough cushion in the booty? You should fit nicely in a seat for two hours. You probably pull it off for several innings of a baseball game. Enjoy the plane ride. 


Three cuties.

On the LINK, I heard a Valley girl voice speak for about 5 minutes before I looked up at her and saw a round faced Asian woman speaking into the speaker of her cellphone. I was picturing a different person. 


Cup of chowder. 

Just as I sat down, I realized I had chosen the wrong spot. The cloudiness threw me off. I didn’t see the waterfront view at the other end of the dine-in space. Damn. 


Soy mocha. 

Sipping and charging. My phone went from 55% to zero! Thank goodness I had my charger in my pocket. I thought I had left it in my bag. But I did leave my climbing shoes. Double damn. 


Salad with Chicken. No beer. 

She asks: Are you done climbing?

Pretty much. 

You have to say you’re done or I can’t serve you the beer. 

Oh. Then no beer. 

I shouldn’t have asked the next question:

Wait. If I was done climbing here, why would I drink here? Then I would just have to drive home. 

Well, legally you can have a beer and drive home. 

Wait. What bitch?

1. I’m not driving after a beer. Not this lightweight. 

2. Why would an establishment bank on patrons having ONE beer. One and done. Nope. That’s limiting of the patron and the establishment. 

3. I would checkpoint your asses every Friday, Saturday and Sunday if I was the cops. Because after climbing. You’re on empty. And with a beer, you’re donzo. 

4. Found a piece of plastic in my salad. What kind of climbing gym is this? Aren’t you hippy dippy? Aren’t you in Seattle? The capital of farm to table. What kind of bullshit is this?

5. When asked: how is it? I smiled politely and nodded. Thank you for the salad I’m not sending back. Because I don’t send back food. No. Never. 


Trainspotter: Stout + Whiskey. 

They put baby in the corner. Literally. Stuck my ass in a corner table for two. I can’t see 1/3 of the room. 

Next day…


 Soy mocha. 12 ounces. 

When she said THAT’LL BE $5.05. I almost lost it. How the? Did you farm the beans yourselves? I should have gotten the smaller option: 8 ounce. 


Bacon and Avocado omelet and potatoes. 

The view was amazing. I’m so impressed with this place. Location. Location. Location.


Guac and water. 

I had to ask myself, when was the last time I drank water? Like, did I drink any yesterday? A bit. Not really. Damn.  

Also! I’m the only patron not sitting at the bar and a family of 5 sits in the table next to me. With a screaming kid. And a 6th person joins them and sits at the head of their table which is right in front of me. My new view is this guy’s profile. Not that cute. YOU made it awkward. So. I moved to the bar. 


Fettuccine Alfredo and a glass of red wine. 

Romantic dinner for two! When you are able to walk to an Italian restaurant that serves gluten free pasta, you sit down and have a nice dinner. Options are important. Gluten free options mean a dinner for two instead of a dinner for none. Take that Pizza place with no gluten free options of dough. 

The next day…


Oatmeal with special sugar. 

Oatmeal can be tricky to heat up in a microwave. Too much water. Too much heat. Overflow. Worth the hassle? This time. Yes. Cozy breakfast for a typical chilly morning in Seattle. 


Mocha with whip. 

The Fremont Troll was a great sight. Yes. But his view is even better. And the views through the neighborhood streets to the mountains were pretty epic. 

Spicy cocktail. Tacos and black beans. 

I was looking forward to fish tacos. But I ended up with barbacoa instead. The fish tacos were fried and I wasn’t about to risk it. This body can have troubles with fried and battered foods. It’s was cool. Because the tacos were filling. You didn’t fail me GARCIA. Thanks dude. 


 Housemade wontons.

I guess I really don’t like Diner food. Which is ridiculous. Do you know how many episodes of Triple D I’ve seen? An entire menu of diner delights and I choose crab wontons. Because they were made in house. Because they were the only option that was for lack of a better word: different. I’m never near a diner and I opt for the one item on the menu that wasn’t a classic. 


Shorty dog and cider. 

When you spend a few days with a friend who knows you, you have pleasant conversations. Old times. Catching up. And hearing the hard truth you didn’t want to admit to yourself. We may not have done an A+ job of keeping in touch. We may not have remembered how we drifted. But we have too much love and respect for each other to NOT put the other in perspective. We’ve made it. Adults. Alcohol. Adulting. And telling it like it is. 

And the next day…


Pancakes, bacon, eggs and water. 
I really love my wedding ring. And I got a compliment from a stranger about it. The validation was so nice to hear. Guilty. It is a great ring. It may not be traditional. But it’s mine. I put a lot of work into finding it and waiting for it. With all my vendors and purchases for the wedding, we had the luxury of time. We took our time and we were able to pounce on deals. Instagram told me when my dress was going to be in a local sample sale. Instagram told me I didn’t have to buy my ring from a department store– it was going to be ready for me at a pop up sample sale. Instagram showed me that my Airbnb Villas were the real deal. Scanning hashtags to support guest reviews of location, views and security in knowing it’s not a scam. Real people had real experiences there. Thank goodness some people don’t care about privacy settings. 


Chai Latte with soy. 

Friends don’t let friends buy furniture alone. This entire visit was incredible. You really can DO Seattle in a weekend. And I had three nights. Plenty. So, we sat on a lot of couches. We sat. We compared. We laughed. We were rebels and walked from store to store. We spoke with kind salespeople. We spoke with awkward sales people. One guy greet us by saying WE ARE SO HAPPY YOU CAME TO OUR STORE. But it didn’t smile before or after he finished his sentence. What the. Ok. We were mature and didn’t laugh. Visiting Seattle was a bonus. Visiting a loved one was the reason for the trip. 

Thanks girl. I love you!


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