Bachelor. Bye. 

Corinne vs. Taylor. Nope. 

I’m not watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette this time around. Nick? Pass. 

Saying goodbye isn’t fun. There is very little joy in parting with people who have shown me kindness. My heart broke a little bit more when I had lunch with Terri today. She’s the most important person on the lot and she asked ME to lunch. Her words of encouragement and all the words of well wishing I’ve heard over the last few weeks are now my strength. 

I had a short phone pre-interview call today. When asked: what’s the biggest achievement you are most proud of? I said the overwhelming amounts of encouragement, well wishing and appreciation expressed. When all I have left is hope in my heart– others have the confidence in me that I will succeed and rise up. 

When Don stopped by to say goodbye, I knew I wasn’t just a blip. For a while, I’ve been brushing off my impact with saying: I’m just a blip on the radar. I’m not sure Don would go out of his way to say goodbye to just anyone. 


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