Lower Classy. Watch it. 

Yes, I wasn’t paying full attention when the panel was introduced for the Gender discussion. But from what I heard, El Pollo Loco is being intencional about hiring trans employees. At least in the Western region of the United States?

I’ve always been down with grilled chicken. But now I will see one and go out of my way to get SOMETHING. 

Cristela Alonzo’s Netflix comedy special was gold. Pure gold. And because someone I know mentioned they started it and didn’t finish it, I was skeptical. Who starts a comedy special and pauses it? Must have sucked. Right?

Cristela is honest. Her stand up is built upon truths of living in the United States. She further explained; no, she wasn’t born here. But yes, as a first gen, her family unit shared the immigrant experience. 

I won’t ruin too much. Let’s just say I’m ahead of the game by already competing in a Triathalon race.   What what!

Lower Classy. Cristela Alonzo. Netflix. You’re welcome. 


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