Going away. 

The days are counting themselves down. 

I’m hopeful and helpless. I’m ready for change and reminded of the uncertainty ahead. 

Student loans never seem to go away. It’s putting the pressure on us. Can I be picky and follow my dream? Am I really OK with walking away from a 401K? Will Trump go away? I heard that question voiced out loud. Marching didn’t make him go away. Wearing a safety pin didn’t create a safe space or stop any kind of immigration ban. I feel that all of that was for yourselves. Yes, you. 

I recently made the mistake of fb stalking people from my hometown. I see privilege. And I know that engaging would be stupid. Very stupid. So instead, I simply unfollow. 

This is why I get such anxiety every time my mom wants to go to Target. Target. It’s just fucking Target. But from the car to the front doors, I already spot two people I recognize and pray they don’t recognize me. But I look the same. I should have hit the pipe a little harder. 

Every day is a day closer to death. Every day is an opportunity to be better than yesterday. My short countdown is a reminder of my value. Countdown. Here we go!


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