• Bullet Journaling seems like my jam. I’ll give it a try. 
  • Dancing suns are happening. In the snow. 
  • I’m hopeful. I thought TV writers lived like hermits. Not true. And they have friends. 
  • Your hard work is seen. And heard. Keep your head up. And keep going. 
  • When your husband is making dinner it’s OK to skip the gym and head home. Especially when he’s waiting for you to throw the shrimp in the pan. He got it from his grandma. 
  • That wasn’t really a bullet. Am I disqualified?
  • A friend read my pilot script today. I heard his laughter from miles away. I must be doing something right. 
  • 3% is a show I actually have to pay attention to. With my eyes. Thanks subtitles. 
  • A lot of us are glad we march. But being in that crowd was a bitch. Is that OK to say? Because I’m a woman? 
  • I still haven’t put the laundry away. 
  • Is winter still coming? Or can we be done already?
  • It’s not even Feb. How are my Toronto Lawyer besties still alive? How do you do this every year?
  • Yeah yeah. Rain is good. We need it. 
  • I just became my mother. Talking about the weather on a Monday night. 
  • I’m done. 

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