Sunday. Rainday. 

A day full of rain means a day of staying on the couch. I would have stayed in bed, but I’m not going to risk spills on our only flannel sheets. 

ONE DAY AT A TIME is killing it. Besides being an obnoxious sitcom, it’s episodes address the wage gap, mansplaining and immigration. 

The mom, Penelope, was the first Cuban character, I heard empathizing with people and families that do whatever they can to escape poverty and get to the United States. She was speaking about my family. Guatemalans from Chiquimula and El Capital for a better life in California. Usually, when I listen to Cubans speak about coming to the United States it’s filled with hardship and difficulties to assimilate. They fail to mention details of United States government support. The kind of support my parents didn’t receive. 

It was special to hear this silly sitcom character voice empathy and understanding. I’m about half way through the first season. Let’s see what else this silly sitcom has in store for us. 


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