I did not enjoy the march today. It’s was not enjoyable to be a normal sized person in a crowd of people. I understood but didn’t appreciate 16 people holding hands to not loose each other. Two would have been good. Buddy system people!

We mostly participated from the comforts of the TFA/LEE office. And by comforts, I mean: bagels, coffee, bathrooms and a comfy view from the third floor. 

The entire time I couldn’t help but think of women who have failed me. Women who had the opportunity to feed me, teach me and enrich me. But they didn’t. They taught me to fear their irrationality. They taught me to fear their leadership. They taught me to question my value. 

Instead of spending any more time on those lessons, let’s focus on women who inspire me. 

Cassie is a creative individual with incredible organization skills. By day she is event planning. Her wit, judgement and kindness is what I was first drawn to. She writes, she paints and she is capable of opening her mind to new and challenging ideas. She sees color. And she sees friendship. She’s smart and she’s someone that will uproot herself with a strength you might have underestimated. She is strong. She taught me to do the same. I wouldn’t have done a semester in Australia without her support. 

Andi taught me that a Christian foundation can be bulit from love and acceptance. Her naturally open mind sees a world I have trouble seeing myself. She knows that kindness is the only acceptable form of communication. She teaches her daughter to love and dream big. Limits are a social construct. Gender is a social construct. And her daughter will challenge patriarcal ideology with a warm smile. 

My peers. And now. My mother and Abuelita. 

Instead of voting for a grosero, they voted for Hillary. My mom put herself through Adult School to learn English. My mom instilled in us that college wasn’t a choice. College was happening. It was just a matter of our good grades. My grandmother is known as Ma-Letty because she took care of more children than the ones she birthed. She is a prankster. Her laugh is infectious. And her one liners are gold. 

They are both hard working women that sacrificed so much for our best interests. Most of which I never pay enough attention to. They are strength. They have endured so much and will stay resilient. 

I won’t give up for them. I’ll be my best for them. I’ll succeed for them. And for myself.  


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