Not a goodbye. 

It never occurred to me to be thankful. I never thought to formulate a mature goodbye. Because I wasn’t ready to. Last night I only felt angry. This morning I felt uncertainty and hopeless. 

I’ve always been the type to mourn before the actual suffering. When Matt and I did long distance. I always ruined our last full day together. And after getting on the plane. Or dropping him off. I was fine. 

Having a Black family in the White House was a dream come true. Having an incredible family of role models. Perfect. Inspiring. 

It’s my hope that they know, that I know being there was difficult. To represent all of Black American. To represent all minorities. To battle stereotypes and racism. I saw it. I saw it all. I saw them take the high road. Time and time again. I get to be a shitshow after three drinks. In public. And they had to endure the worst. In public. For keeping it together. Thank you. And I’ll never say goodbye. 

Their jobs are not done. And I’m not done. Our service to our community is for life. 


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