We like white guys. 

I’m ready for that chalk. 

Hidden Figures was a great experience. It was great timing to prove 1) we aren’t crabs in a barrel and 2) we are ready for that chalk

The character Dorthy sought out to learn computer programming and shared with her entire department. It’s difficult to get opportunities to advance. It’s even more difficult to do it alone. Getting to college is one obstacle. Not dropping out is another. The stats on minorities dropping out of college is depressing. Only look it up if your heart can take it. 

We are ready for our opportunity. We just need white men to hold the door open. Every time a character advanced, it was at the mercy of a white man. A boss. A superior. A judge. All making the fair decision. The decision to provide a chance. And each character made good with their promised and shined. 

We aren’t allowed to fail. We can’t. Even though Judge Sonia Sotomayor says we can and should learn from our mistakes. We can’t fail. We need to forge forward. We can’t afford to not succeed. The future depends on us. So check your work. If you’re wrong once, trust is lost. 

Be confident in your own abilities. And be ready for that chalk. 


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