LA. El Lay. 

YouTube is my life. I come home to watch short videos from my subscriptions. Short videos on cooking and meal prepping. I’m a sucker for anything about LA culture. I seem to always get lost in those. 

Which is why I can never understand how someone could be over LA. There is always something to learn and explore. Maybe get out of your car more? Or stay in it for longer and end up in a new neighbor. Nah. That’s weird. No one does that. 

We barely drive. We hate it. Driving to visit grandpa in Huntington Park on weekends seems like a trek. But it’s really not. It’s my least favorite freeway. Followed by a Farmer John factory. And abandoned distribution buildings and you’re basically there. 

We don’t even bother inputting his actual address. Finding Gage Middle school is such an easy side step. When I visit Delmy’s house (now Tias house). It’s never their address. I honestly don’t know it. Google can easily take us to Andrews Elementary school. My grandmas house (now the house in Duarte) is the only address I do have locked away in my memory. We all do. I bet you it’s still my cousin’s ATM pin code. 

LA is never ending. And it’s certainly not the entirety of Sunset Strip. You got that wrong VICE. But we’re still cool. I’ll still watch you. It will take a lot more for me to unsubscribe. 


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