In time. 

How did a walk become conquering a mountain? Because my friends are adventurous and fun. 

I wanted to walk off yesterday’s ride. A nice walk through the snow. The weather created such a picture perfect wonderland, we just kept going and enjoyed every moment. 

We detoured for the waterfall. Shared a very tame snowball fight. We kept our spirits up when our energy was low. 

Getting to the top was such a lovely reward. It really made me feel entitled. I looked around me and thought- they didn’t hike up. Or did they? They didn’t. Not in Uggs. 

Getting down was also filled with laughs. And yes. We saw a woman hike up in Uggs. Guess anything is possible. 

A few hours later our night ended with Through the Looking Glass. Impossible is possible. With the help of friends. 


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