Christmas Eve > Christmas

Once upon a time, I loved Jesus. Hard. 

We had the best time with my parents on Christmas Eve. Our newest tradition is to bust out the Bible Trivia on the Heads Up app. It’s the best game to play with my parents. Nothing brings family together like seeing two bilingual adults struggling to communicate. 

My sister, Matt and I were an unstoppable team. Kids vs. Parents. We killed them. It wasn’t a close call. We had pop culture. They had the Bible.

My creepy good memory won me big points. The following conversation concluded all competition. 

  • Esau?
  • Jacob’s brother. 
  • Jacob was born holding his brothers heel
  • His mother was old. 
  • Sarah? Rebecca!
  • Jacob wore fake hair on his arm. 
  • Tricked his father. 
  • His father was old and didn’t see well. 
  • Jacob married the sister: worked for 7 years to be with her. Leah
  • He was tricked.
  • Then Rachel for another 7. 
  • That’s 14!
  • Then God changed his name to:

Without missing a beat, I said: Israel. 

Drop mic. 


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