30 on 30. No peaking. 

Today my best friend ran 30 miles for his 30th. Happy Birthday Santiago! 

I fear that my talents, experience and personality will go waste. I’m just a blip on the radar. A small moment in time. And I want it to mean something. I want my time here to show an improved community. That the world was better off, with me in it. 

I know I’m here to serve my community. And I know I’m nowhere near peaking. That’s a great reassurance. I want to continue to work hard for my goals. I can’t peak yet. I won’t. This is especially easy because I have so much to learn. 

I’ve bounced around so much because I’ve followed the love of my life. I was THAT girl. Sorta. It’s a bit more complicated. I was that person. It’s balanced out. 

My resume doesn’t show how I took an extra bag of clothes to Miami, every time I visited Matt. Strategic and effective. It doesn’t show that during my first job in Miami, I left a customer with such a great feeling of serivce that he offered me a job the next day- and I ended up taking it. 

My resume doesn’t show that my year in Spain gave me closure on being a Spanish speaker, because it’s all regional, baby! Central American to Caribbean to Santander, Spain to Cangas de Onís. One pueblo will say patatas. The next, patates. 

My resume doesn’t show that I strive to brighten up your day. When you walk by, I make it a point to show you respect, care and maybe a joke. Your joy brings me joy. 

My resume doesn’t tell you I’ve been writing. I’ve been blogging. Vlogging. Sharing discreetly, despite taking on demanding roles that leave me drained at the end of the day. 

My best days are still in the future. And yours are too. 


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