You messed up Hulu. 

What the hell, Superstore?

Season 2, episode 1 was so out of place that I forgot what had happened in Season 1!

We just sat down with bowls of semi-homemade hamburger helper and what. And Olympic episode. Ok. Sure. Hey Tara! Good moves. 

Hulu has Season 2 starting at the Olympic episode. Cheyanne was still pregnant. It was all kinds of off. 

Wikipedia: Our credible source says the Olympic episode was a special. A special. 

Fix it Hulu. Please. We millennials need you. You are how we watch regular TV. Don’t screw with our hearts. We need discipline and structure. 

While you’re at it, fix your glitches.  Fine. I’ll watch three ads between scenes, but don’t make me restart from scratch when you freeze. 


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