Rude Awakening 

Santiago is near and dear to my heart. We celebrated his life last night with delicious food and drinks. We celebrated normally. We didn’t hold back. And we paid the price. 

We showed up at 9am for a ride with our friend Pablo in Pasadena. That meant we woke up at 7am. Rode our bikes to our car, which was left at our friend’s house. Told you we didn’t hold back. And we left the Westside by 8am. With plenty of time for a shared latte and bagel. 

We had packed water. We were dressed well. But at 9am, I knew I was fucked. I was already thirsty. A bad sign. But it was going to be a relaxed ride. Sunday rides are an easy going 20 miles. 

As riders gathered, we exchanged hellos and the chatter began. Yeah, it’s warm. Sunday rides are fine. We do 20 miles. Rarely 30. 

Yes, we ended up closer to 30. Of course we did. 

The ride was great. Stopping for coffee helped more than I knew at the time. Instead of coffee, we got a taco each. Best decision of the day. 

We’ll do better from now on. We have to. We survived today. A reality check. Carbs and hydrating the day before are smart decisions. Smart decisions. Preparation. And I still need clip-in shoes. 

Insert Santiago’s favorite four letter word. 


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