CATFISH to Instagram. 

CATFISH is always the right choice. I made this statement in my mind before Matt said he didn’t like the show out loud. What does he know?

After a long day, I turn on the TV, select Hulu and I’m basically there. 

Nev and Silver Fox are a perfect duo of empathy, attractiveness and hetero-awareness. And they are equally sexy. I often consider them underpaid therapists for the love-blind. 

Each episode:

Playful banter from our favorite duo. Reading a well written email. (I’m still not sure those emails are real) Video chatting the person that emailed. Traveling to meet that person. Meeting. They leave that person to research. Regroup with updates. Contact the Catfisher. Travel to meet the Catfisher. Confrontation. Resolution. 

I don’t watch them in order. I choose according to the thumbnail. Who do I want to empathize with for the next hour or so? Who would be the perfect amount of irrational and in love?

The formula is the same. The emailer/Catfisher are always the unknown variable. 

Why didn’t I grow up to befriend a stranger online? I wouldn’t even MSN message an acquaintance from school. I’m trying not to anymore. More vulnerability.  My Instagram is public. This is huge people. But don’t message me there. That’s weird.  


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