Back to work! Hi ho!

Asking for it. 

Last night I had a horrible dream. I encountered a creepy coworker from a past job. He had joined the company I currently work for. I pretended I wasn’t disguised by this person and tried to befriend him. 

We sat together. Small talking. Shoulder to shoulder. I felt a tap on my left boob. I keep going with the conversation. I felt it again. Odd. It took the third time for me to realize he was touching my boob/nip when I looked away. My lack of peripheral was his opportunity. I jumped up and screamed at this guy. I made a big scene. Most people around me were instantly on my side. I stormed out of the room. 

I walked away from the situation with a female coworker. She tried to calm me down. She tried to explain to me, that had I worn a bra under my white button up, I wouldn’t have been molested. I looked down and sure enough. I was bra-less. The blouse had light fabric. I was humiliated. And pissed. And I woke up. 

I woke up thinking I asked for it. I woke up thinking I had crossed the line with my work attire. I woke up thinking it was my fault. 

Assault. I woke up assaulted. 

It was just a dream. 


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