Day One. 11 miles. 

My BFF/weekend boyfriend summited Mt. Wilson twice yesterday. In the rain and fog. So, when we asked him if he wanted to hike or bike today, of course he was down.
We rode Ballona Creek from Overland to the beach. Stopped to buy overpriced smoothies and juices. West$ide. Playa del Rey. Middle of nowhere inflation. Please tell me someday I’ll refuse to spend $$ on 16 ounce drinks of fruits and veggies. Nope. I’m a westside gal. I’m paying for it. I’ll continue to pay for it. They know it. I’m at peace with it.  At least I’m not in Uggs.

We saw a friendly Fox face. Exchanged Happy New Years. Saw a good amount of people on the path. It was a joyful day of hope and good spirits. 

Let’s see what next weekend will bring us. 


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