Latinas On Top: Amy Rodriguez & U.S. Women Soccer

A couple of years ago, I made it very clear that I wasn’t a supporter of the US Women’s Soccer. Therefore, I could not and will not be watching any of the WORLD CUP games this summer. A stance I would continue to hold firm until, I read the headline with a perfect title to catch my eye: Only Latina on US Women’s World Cup Team. My heart dropped a little when I saw that Amy Rodriguez was blonde haired and blue eyed. But I pressed on to continue the entire short interview. And I learned Amy is a LATINA ON TOP. Check out the YOUTUBE video.
It was a difficult video for me to film. I have a lot of feelings about Latinas, US soccer, privilege, race and patriotism.  Not a conversation I could wrap up in 5 minute Youtube viedo, let alone in a Youtube video. But I gave it my best shot. And It’s up now. I’ll let me rambling do the talking…


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