Siigh. Angelica Vale!

I saw her. I knew it. I felt it. She was someone I knew. She was important to me. I immediately googled:

Telenovela Stars. Nothing.

Telenovela Female Stars. Only a list of “hot” women. No. Didn’t see her.

Univision Telenovela Stars. And success. I found her. Of course it was HER: Angelica Vale. La Fea Más Bella. Mexican Royalty.

I was kicking myself for not figuring it out sooner. We made eye contact. Several times. And she ended up leaving early. By chance. I saw her again. Waiting at vale for her car. And she was on the phone. I didn’t want to bother her. I didn’t want to trip over my words. I was feeling buzzed, shy and fearful of fucking up my Spanish and English. That I didn’t say a thing.

Instead. I listened carefully as the vale person confirmed. Yes. It was her. And she was gracious with him.

I could have told her about Latinas On Top. I could have told her about how I just landed a job at FOX. But. I didn’t. I held my pride close. And I not so stealthily took photos of her getting into her car. To not bother her. To let her live a peaceful life. To ensure I wouldn’t. And tell my Abue that: I ALMOST MET ANGELICA VALE.


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